I feel so hurt and i'm happy that I trusted my gut?

I really like this guy. To then find out that we weren't on the same page. Why did he lead me on? We talked for ages, every single day. He told me he liked me. Now he says that he doesn't like me like that. Also to add on to the junk. He came here on a visa, with his gf. Her visa expired and she had to go back. And she kept on asking him to keep her in the country because that's what his company does. That's what drove them apart. He can now get Australian residency because his company really needs him. I have a feeling he still talks to her on Facebook or what ever social media. I have a feeling they aren't separated yet. But this was a year ago. I have expressed my feelings towards him. And i get this all now. What the fuck! Im so fucking pissed. What should i do?


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  • Hmmmm, well if you knew he was with another woman and you wanted him for yourself why did you get involved in the first place? So if you really still want him and he wants to communicate tell him how you feel, and let him know you still want him in your life. You have to mean it. And maybe itll be a tough pill to swollow if he still has feelings for the other woman. Might be on and off again or all three of you in the relationship. (Which is super hard I keep hearing) If none of that sounds good and you can't get over feeling used or whatever then maybe it's time to walk away? I always feel bad seeing people going through this... been here so many times.

    • I didn't know he was with some chick.. I dont know if he is still with her. He said when she left he is still here. Said it was a clean slate. And now his calling me darling and said i've brought you two things i want you to have them like wtf!

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    • Thanks mfries30.. For helping

    • let me know how it goes :) im intrigued by some of the similarities :)

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  • Geeeeeeeeeez!!! Geeeeppppeeerrrssssssssssss!!!

    • Haha someone was reading lol

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  • there are many players around... and many guys despite having gf/spouse they still continue to lead other girls on. it happened to me before. it is best to keep a distance away from him and move on...