How to get a guy to talk to me if he sees me around a lot?

I see a guy around a lot at the gym who is cute. It's been literally years and I thought he found me cute cause I used to catch him stare at me and smile. But I kinda was dating people in between and so was he etc. But we're both single and I still see him and say hi or bye in passing and he says it back and smiles at me and for some reason I feel like there's something "special" in the smile he gives me... like he finds me cute kinda thing. But I don't know how to get him to talk to me beyond "hi" in passing... how do I make that happen I'm really shy?


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  • you dont get someone to talk to you especially since your a girl, you have to approach him and talk to him yourself, (without just saying hi and bye) than he'll talk to you, just tell him how you feel, i understand your really shy, which is ok, but guys are more shy than a girl, guys risk rejection and are always ignored by girls so guys are not always going to make moves unless he's brave enough (but dont count on it) or he's a player


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