TONIGHT <3: Coffee and hangout date with best friend?

So I'll be going on a coffee hangout date with my best girl. We've known each other for a while and have gone places but not one on one. Its been platonic love as really close friends. Just wondering how I should plan this first date to spark the romantic love a bit? I was thinking walking around the shopping centre before night, them grabbing some ice cream and chill in a coffee cafe in a relaxed atmosphere, finally talking and watching the sunset till stars come out. Any advice? How do I charm the romance in the relationship? Please be as specific as possible. I'll give you an MH ;)

Should get her a small box of chocolates when I greet her?


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  • That sounds so sweet im jealous of her! I think just act yourself and the spark would come naturally but make sure you compliment her when you first see her and a few times during the date to make her feel special. Sounds obvious but you could buy her something from the shopping centre and give it to her like a really cute teddy bear keyring something small and buy her the coffee and ice cream? You could make strong eye contact with her? Im really no expert but good luck:)

    • Yup after dinner! Thanks

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  • Buy flowers,
    Go for coffee first , talk (best friends , so i dont need to tell what)
    After that propose walking , start from shopping mall , move to nearest park ,
    hold hands when walking ,
    give her a peck (if you'd like to ) and meeting will take its own course..

    Make sure this all happens in the evening..

    • Yup after dinner! Thanks

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