2 boys... Need help!?

This is really bad... I dated one guy for a couple of months and then we kinda had a fight and split, now I'm currently in a relationship with a guy and we have been together for almost 4 months now. Things are going great between us. Before all of that happened, I actually chose between these to guys. (Obviously I chose the one I'm with now over the other guy.) Well just recently the other guy I'm NOT dating (My ex Ill call him), texted me saying he has been thinking about me and misses me. I knew that my ex really liked me and he had a lot going on with family and friends so we hadn't talked in a while. The only reason we broke up was because we hadn't talked. I feel like I should stay with my current boyfriend since he is more serious about me. Should I ignore my ex? or try and choose again? (Keep in mind both guys really REALLY like me) Thank you!!!

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  • You chose this one for a reason, stick to him. You said yourself he is more serious about you. While you might like your ex and possibly miss him too, it didn't work out for a reason. If you really cannot get over him maybe you do need to leave your current boyfriend and try again with your ex. Just make sure you're ready to deal with any possible consequences of your choices.
    If you left your boyfriend now for your ex, and it didn't work out, don't expect him to be forgiving. He might, I don't know him, but chances are he would be mad you didn't know he was what you wanted to begin with and wouldn't want to be your second choice.


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  • Well I have thought well about this.

    1. Your ex broke up with you. So there's a bit of regret, blame. He's more willing to wait for you. So let him wait.

    2. Your current bf is doing pretty good now, right? Why would you throw away a perfectly good guy, just to go for someone who failed you once before?

    • Now the real question is how to get rid of my ex

    • Oh and i dumped him haha

    • You can just tell him that you have no more feelings for him and have moved on. If he doesn't listen, just actively block and ignore him.

  • Well dont it wouldn't be fair to hurt your current bf so stay with him, explain your situation to your ex and offer him all emotional help but not more than that.

  • I think its who you want to be with for the rest of your life and only you know the answer to that If you love him and he's good to your children that's very good and he loves you very good


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