Should I keep seeing her even though we want different things?

I've been going on dates with this girl for around 4 months now. It started off as casual dates here and there, but then we started seeing eachother more often.
A few dates went by, and I decided to ask her the question of where she thought we were at. It took her a little bit to answer, but basically told me that she wanted more dating experience. As she didn't start dating until 23, and here we are both at 25.
I respect her decision, and she's a wonderful girl. We have quite a bit in common, and are able to have hour long conversations. However, she wants to continue down the dating other path, and I'm beyond that stage of casual dating in my life. Not looking to settle, but just want to date someone who is wanting something possibly more serious in the long run of things.
So, here's my question for everyone. Do I break it off, and just call it quits, or do I patiently wait for a possible chance to arise?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Why dont u give her time and see if she establishes some serious connection with u? After sometime if nothing happens, tell her u want a serious long term relationship and not casual date? . she says she wants a casual date and if u dont reach to any conclusion during this discussion, then date someone else who is serious about it.


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  • I think you should talk to her and get more out of her. Like the questions they ask at the job interviews. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? Let her know that you are looking for more than a casual date. I think maybe wait out another month or so and see how things go. If she never dated until she was 23 than maybe she can be confused in what she wants. Women are always confused.

    • It's funny that you reply to this question at this time. As of recently, we've been seeing eachother almost 3 times a week and have started to actually form feelings that will more than likely lead to a relationship.
      After I asked this question initially, and thought about it. I basically said screw it, and started trying hard to woo her more so than before. Not being clingy, or over the top, but being assertive, kind, outgoing, and trying to let her know that I'm willing to stick it out until she decides.

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  • Break it off. She's either 1) Just not interested in *you* (Which is what I believe) or 2) Just wants to get the "Fun" out of her system..

    In any scenario it's a waste of your time and energy that could be better spent on a potential future girlfriend.

    • Yea, I'm pretty sure it's number 2. Though it's hard to break it off. You're more than likely right on this one.