Opinion on Long Distance Relationships?

Just want to know what eople think of LDR's and if they are worth it, and if anyone has had past or present experience in one if anyone wants to share :)


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  • Long distance relationships are a tricky one. I've been too/lived in four US states and 7 countries throughout Europe over the past almost 4 years. I have had a few LDR and one "worked" for a little bit. In my opinion, the two people have to have been together for a significant amount of time and be considering marriage (not necessarily have talked about it together). I say that because while you are apart, you WILL NOT grow as a couple- its almost impossible. The conversations get old because what do we normally talk about? shared experiences. I found they grow sterile quickly-
    "how was your day?"
    "it was ______, _____ happened yada yada"
    so on and so forth.
    Just my two cents though.


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  • long distance relation ships is favorite type
    and belive me when i say people respect it
    and about being in one :) simply... not yet

  • You have to be very careful in this. Have to do the ground work and hope your decision is correct. It may work, may not.


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