She Didn't Want To Kiss Me After?

My first date with this girl went awesome, she laughed a lot and we talked and it felt like we had a connection. She told me earlier in a text that she does't want any hookups or FWB. I agreed. She lives a difficult life and I feel for her. I don't have super strong feelings just yet, but I care about her and I would be down for a relationship later on.

But the weird thing is, we were messing around on her bed (only to 2nd base/dry humping) and we made out for a little bit. It felt like she kept avoiding my lips but didn't mind me kissing her neck. After she fell asleep, I woke her up and she walked out with me to say goodbye. I gave her a goodbye hug and she put her head down when i was going to kiss her. And when I leaned in for the kiss she said "oh okay" and kissed me. I have no idea why she kept avoiding my lips, and I was constantly renewing my mint gum so it wasn't bad breath lol


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  • You went pretty fast (dry humping, making out) after just a first date. Kissing ones lips is more intimate, and she might've wanted to wait for a bit longer.


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  • She probably didn't get the message. You guys went too fast :/


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