Do you like a girl that's more dependent on you or little more independent?

People! Do you guys like it when a girl is a little weak, depends on you for reassurance, sometimes money, and craves your attention? Or would you like a girl thats able to stand on her own two feet?
Example 1: This girl is pretty emotional, she gets jealous pretty fast and she loves you with all her heart and butt. She counts on you for protection, love, money etc. But You feel like the man in this relationship
Example 2:This girl doesn't try to give you a headache, she avoids most problems and she has her own job. She depends on you for protection and love like a normal gf but she knows how to take care of herself if your busy. You feel like this relationship will be strong.
The difference is would you rather feel like the biggest provider in a relationship or have some help?

  • Me be the biggest provider
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  • My girl is capable of standing on her own two feet
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  • Number 2 all day. In saying that though I will always provide for my partner and take care of most things I've got her back 100 I'll look after that girl. BUT she has to bring something to the table I need to know she can hold her own and contribute in some way. The day she starts expecting me to provide like she deserves it like it's her right I'll straight cut her off and provide nothing. I do it cause she doesn't ask for it or need it.


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  • Good question. I would prefer my partner to be independent but dependent on me. I will always have her back. (this may get cheesy... God no..) Someone to lean on. So basically I will be the biggest provider, protector, etc etc. So I prefer she be independent but can always rely on me in times of need. But Unfortunately I don't think I will depend on her in terms of providing, paying bills. That would have to be my job.

  • i would rather stay at home n do 10 minutes hoovering while she goes to work and then gives me sum bills to go buy all the ingredients we are lucky enough to be able to pluck off a shelf then i experiment with cooking up some dishes and then i complain about my tough day jerking off and talking to people on the phone about women i want to bend over a sofa next week ;)

  • 2 seems the same as 1 just I don't have to give her money


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