Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

My bf came over to visit me yesterday & he was on Facebook checking his messages nxt to me and I saw a message from a girl that said "lets go". I asked him who that was and why she had said that, if he was gonna go see her or something. He replied that she was just a friend but he wasn't gonna tell me what the mesage was bec it is private. Also he does like most lf her pics on faceboook & think she's pretty.

I thought that was strange bec if u have nothing to hide why dnt u just b honest. On Facebook he does upload pics of us & has us in a relationship together. And she has liked it but I just think its strange that he got sooo defensive about it.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Your His Girlfriend So He Shouldn't Be Saying Anything Is Private, Everything Should Be Open & Easy To Talk About. iDont Know If He Is Dipping On The Low. Just Because Your Relationship Is Public & He Post Picture Of y'all Dont Mean Something isn't Going On. You Have To Realize Some Girls Actually Want To Play That Part Of Being The Side Chick Cause They Dont Want The Responsibility Of Being The Actual Girlfriend. He Is Hiding Something, Something Is Going On, You Have To Figure It Out, If You Guys Break Up Please Come Back But Put It Under The Category "Break-Ups & Divorces" & iWill Help More...


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  • yes its pretty strange... are you on fb too? if so are you friends with that gal too?