How can you tell if you actually like a girl? Also update on my date?

My date went great. We went mini golfing, had a lot of fun. After that we went to a desert place and shared icecream. Then we went to the lakeside under the full moon with no one around and we kissed

The thing is I'm not sure whats wrong with me. I don't know if I like this girl and I'm having commitment issues or if I don't like her


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  • Go out on more dates. If you don't feel anything you probably aren't into her.

    When you're interested in a person you want to see them more and spend more time with them. You get happy thinking about them and become curious wondering if they're also thinking about you. In some way you want them to be apart of your life. You want to know them more and make them happy.

  • It should be pretty obvious to you if you like her.


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