It's been a year now and I STILL can't get over my ex! HELP!?

As soon as we broke up, luckily he got signed by a modeling company and now he's a model, i'm really happy for him because when we were dating he told me that it was his dream to become a model.
He now also has a really pretty girlfriend, she works at my faveourite store so i do see her sometimes, i'm not jealous.. I'm actually really happy for them they're a cute couple. But i really cannot get over him. I'm always creeping up on his social media and he seems so much happier and better off without me :( i don't seem to be happy at all and i'm sick of it. How do i get over him? And why can't i? And if you're wondering.. We broke up because of distance reasons... He lived slightly too far and i was too caught up on work and had literally no time to see him and he was just way too far..


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  • I honestly think it's just because he looks like things are going well and you feel differently about your own life. Don't make comparisons about his life and yours, or assumptions about how happy he really is, just focus on yourself.


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