I think I got used as a meal ticket, should I even reply to this girl?

I just got back into the dating world a couple months ago after nearly 2 years since breaking-up with my cheating ex gf.

Was dating this wonderful girl and well she started explaining her family crisis and how she's saving money for her career. I did get to meet the family and it seemed like we had some things in common. It also seemed to be getting serious and she told me how she wasn't dating anyone in the meantime. Though we're not bf and gf, she seemed like the right girl I would consider for a relationship.

Anyways, she cancelled our date because she supposely had to run some errands but would be available for next week. Make long story short, yesterday as I was going to the movies with my homies, I saw her at the exit door kissing another guy.

Now I feel stupid, like the one of the dumbest guy ever. I have no problems getitng a gf but it's hard to find a quality person not into playing games nor making you spend your time and effort like an idiot.

This makes me feel like I were the male counterpart of the girl that gets played by players and all she wants is a the right guy. I think I'm in the same boat right now. I'm not getting quality girls.


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  • Sorry to hear about that dude. Did not see that coming. Sounded algood then... welp, Sh#t Happens. But Don't let it happen next time. Don't bother, Yea you feel like a fool but seems like she's going down a sh^t path. You will end up in a better spot in the long run then she ever will be.

    • Thanks. Got rid of her. She really thought there was going to be a date for next week. I told her that the game is up and blocked her on my contact.

    • Shot bro. Good on you. Good to see you are moving on.

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  • u weren't her bf so she didn't really do anything wrong, she just met a guy she was more interested in. u could have dated another girl too since u weren't exclusive. maybe if u locked her down she wouldn't have acted single. u can't expect a girl to act like she's in a commitment when she's not

  • No, sounds like you were the equivilant of a side chick. Be more dirct next time. If some isn't willing to commit theen cut things off and find someone else.

  • she sounds like a player, it can be very hard to tell sometimes

    • I get the feeling players sense when it's someone serious. I guess it makes it easier for them having a sucker on the side and I had to be that guy. Do you think I should write her and explain that I saw her and don't want to speak to her again?

    • She doesn't know I saw her.

    • if it were me i'd mention it just to release stress but maybe it would be wiser to just tell her the game is up and leave wondering where she went wrong

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  • Yeah I'm afraid you've been punked.

    • I know and it seems like those that get played with are the one that are never interested in playing games nor ever do the pump and dump thing, nothing like that. I really thought finding a quality girl was easy.

    • You just got lucky this time, there are actually a lot of good girls out there, keep looking you'll find one.

    • True, I did. I feel like being honest and telling her I saw her with another guy and how I don't want to talk to her again. She doesn't know I saw her.

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