How can I be cooler with guys?

I went to the beach today and hot guy i had been staring all day called me by my name. I couldnt understand at first who he was then i realised he was an old classmate. He had changed so much, he had abs, and his smile was just perfect.
We started talking about the "past" for hours, we made plans to go out, there was no awkwardness, and we didn't pause for a minute, the chemistry was obvious. He is the macho type of man (he's from Armenia). He doesn't like girls who show off, and sleep with their 2 months boyfriend. He came to me a 2nd time and told me how happy he was that we met again and that i've changed so much.
In fact our dads know each other and when he came where we sat to give me his number he started a convo with my dad like men do and he told him that we are planning to go out with the other classmates. The fact is that i immidiately got excited (as always) and im afraid i'll try too much and screw up. He is the perfect guy for me. He'll protect me and he won't use me like some others. The problem is that i get too excited and then get dissapointed easily. How can I control myself and not do stupid things? Im not the innocent type of girl and he knows it. I want to make him want me and miss me.

by the way we're both 17


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  • The trick is to ignore your feelings. I am a huge flirt. So when I am interested in a guy I find myself flirting a lot and falling in love with them BUT what I do is block my feelings for them out. I think to myself, "This will not last long so why bother get emotional?" it tends to work.

    • im very good controlling my feelings but with this guy i lose control

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    • Thanks for MH! :)

    • no problem ;)

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