I want my life to be different than this and everything I touch turns bad?

Hey guys!
Sorry that my caption is so negative, but I am absolutely frustrated. I broke up with my boyfriend almost 6 months ago, because I didn't love him anymore and I wanted to enjoy my single life. Meeting new people, going out, having fun and just doing what I wanted to do. Since then I chatted with 3 boys. One of them met a "better" girl than me, one of them told me that I wasn't his cup of tea and one of them simply wasn't interested enough to meet up with me. This really upsets me and my ego, my pride, my self confidence is crushed.
In addition my parents are gone for a week and I thought that this time would be pretty cool, because I could do what I want and go out, but the reality is different. My friends don't want to go out, they want to stay inside and watch movies and eat pizza, but I really need to push my ego again. I want to go out and see others and want to be seen.
I guess most of the bad vibes in my life are caused by me. I expect too much, I reach out for perfection and I am not flexible. I am getting so desperate and I have no patience at all, I want to be desired and I want it now.

I have no idea what would be the best thing to do in my situation. Should I talk to my friends and step out with them in order to just relax my mind or should I stay inside with them and enjoy Netflix? And what should I do with this ego-thing going on? The things I want and the things I get are completely different and I want to change this so badly.

I am so sorry for this long text.

Take care


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  • this is part of being a young person. I've been rejected countless times by girls, yet i sleep w/ a lot of them because i keep pushing forward and approaching, approaching, approaching.

    i have a sweet job b/c i studied my ass off and tore into the interview like a boss.

    life gives you what u put into it. no one is entitled to success / a good life


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  • Why is being recognized and validated by others important to you? Why do you consider that to be important? What do you think it means when you think people want you around?


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