Do I tell him i've been trying to kill my sex drive?

My boyfriend and I have been having trouble in the sheets if you know what i mean because he never seems to want to do it. Naturally i have a very high sex drive but it never seems to be to the point where i need it or something abusive like that. The reason why its so heightened around him is because i get turned on by our emotional connection, in otherwise i get turned on by him because of how much i love him. He says he doesn't need to have sex with me in order to have a good time and that his emotions don't play on his sex life so he doesn't feel the same way i do about sex. So naturally he has kind of a low sex drive. I understand everything he does but it still stings alittle whenever i try to initiate something and he tells me he's not in the mood, so i've taken matters into my own hands and have been take herbal supplements that kill my libido. My question is, do I tell him about it, or should i just wait till he asks me? or should i just pretend i'm not doing anything at all and return fire with an " i'm not in the mood" ?


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  • You should stop taking the herbal, and start mastubating in stead. If you want to return fire, mastubate while he is there, and if asked, just tell him you have to, when he won't do you.

    Then start talking like a couple and stop being so secretive, about a problem you should deal with together. Lower sex drive, doesn't mean he can't perform for you, for the love for you.

    • its not like i haven't ever said anything about it i've talked about on multiple occasions and at this point talking it out does more to damage his ego then it does to solve anything, i'm not sure if there's a delicate way to put "hey i'm killing my sex drive because you won't have sex with me" into words. and like i said before i'm turned on by him because i love him. masturbation is something i get nothing from since it doesn't do anything for me. i need the emotional connection.

    • I see. If he loves you so much, why won't he give you more, does he have erectile problems?

      If not, why not give it to you out of pure love, it won't hurt him?

      If so, then why not just perform oral on you, use his hand or use viagra?

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