Is it possible for a homely Aspie to find a moderately attractive girl these days?

Title says. I'm 22-years-old, I suffer from Aspergers Syndrome, and I've never had a girlfriend, and the only time I had sex was paying for it.

The dating world today is just too unbalanced in favor of women, a guy just can't find a woman unless he's somehow exceptional. Plus, there's so much bs floating around like this stupid idea that looks don't matter or that girls really want sex as much as men do. And while I wouldn't say no to a roll in the hay with an ugly girl (though even that seems beyond my reach), I'm not ashamed to admit I'd never date one. I admit it, I care about looks, because looks matter.

I'm also very honest and direct, and I have little patience for stupid mind games. Which doesn't really help me since stupid mind games are women's bread and butter. So yeah, is there anything I can do to prevent me from dying alone?


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  • better avoid to tell her about asperger's if you find one, because she might think you might be weird or even dangerous


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  • I see no problem. I also hate mind games. I like saying things straight forward.


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