Should you care about your style or would you care what your gf says?

should i care or not what she has to say


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  • Hello 2009ninja

    That question depends a bit on what she wants and what style you are, and overall what you mean by style. When it comes to clothing, you should dress as you prefer and not her. However, if you dress "poorly", and she is suggesting to try out something new, I say it doesn't hurt to try. You might come to like it yourself and adopt that style as your own or alter it to your delight, which could be an upgrade and make yourself more appealing to your girlfriend. Changing up your ritual t-shirt for a nice social shirt, and cargo pants for simple pants or well suited jeans could work wonders and make yourself look more handsome if done right. There are many things to consider when it comes to what you wear, be it long sleeves, short sleeves, pants, trousers, hats, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, shoes, scarves, many many things. Trying different things is not bad, but you should concentrate on what fits you more and your personality. Although, it's neat to look nice once in a while for your special someone as I imagine she does for you.
    You didn't make it specific what you meant with style, so perhaps you meant hobbies? Things you like or occasionally do? Your way of acting, or how you conduct yourself?

    Well, I am not certain what you meant by style, but overall, you need to stick to what you find comfortable and not what others dictate. Yes, you should always try out new things and see if maybe they are of your liking, and maybe you will want to add that to your personal style. But, the decision is ultimately yours. You will decide if you wish to change or not and if that is what you truly want and if that good for you.
    Always consider things your girlfriend says, and try to see pass what she is saying and figure out what are her reasons for altering something about you. Maybe she just wants to point out something for your own good. Appreciate her intentions, but if you think otherwise make it clear that maybe it isn't you.

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