Is it possible to date a lesbian friend?

Me and this girl have been working together for the past 9 months. We work the morning shift together, just to two of us, and we often have a lot of time to talk and share opinions. She is a lesbian by the way. We are really open to one another and we always play around and joke and the sorts. She finds me hilarious and is always smiling and laughing around me, and she is comfortable to ask certain personal questions and act and admit rather embarrassing things. She has admitted that she never liked a guy, although not because she doesn't find men attractive, which I must add she has mentioned that I am very handsome and charming in her opinion, but because she finds men to be disgusting, where I share her opinion since (no offense) most men are driven by their "instincts" per se besides other stereotypical things.
She really respects me and my opinions overall and finds me to be an interesting person, and has admitted that if she weren't into girls that she would have fallen for me. She has a girlfriend, so I assume that also plays a role on her judgment.
I always have been kind and gentle towards her, and done small sacrifices if only to lighten her day and make it a bit better, or simply to see her smile. She has started small gestures of gratitude and kindness as she has begun to notice those things.
She does interest me, but I never really tried flirting with her, since I am bashful and didn't see her in that light. But with all that in mind, if I were to show that I am interested in her, would it be all that implausible the idea that although she has never liked a guy, that she could come to like me? I am curious if it is possible.

This is just an hypothesis, or a thought. She is dating someone else and I would never interfere with someone's relationship or flirt with someone who is in a relationship, even less desire or come on to. I am attracted to her, that is a given. But I am driven by my morals and ideals, not instincts or anything egocentric.


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  • Yes. Girls do it with gay guys and they are in turn called f** Hags. My friend is in a relationship with her male gay boyfriend.

    • Well, that is the first time I've heard that term. Also the first time I see such a contradiction in a sentence.

    • I know. It's weird. But, I know because I have a loy of homosexual friends hehe:)

    • Not relationship but friendship... totally different.

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  • Like you yes, turn on by you no - presuming she is lesbian, otherwise it's call beaing bisexsual.

    However, both you and her is wrong, men are not disgusting otherwise 3.500.000.000 women would be wrong.

    • Yes, that would be bisexual. However, since she never has come to like a man, chances are she has never been turned on by one, since one's brain is an important sexual organ, I would say specially when it comes to women. To answer this question with a yes, would indeed title her as a bisexual, but since she so far has not had an interest in men, she stands as a lesbian.
      I didn't go into detail on that subject of why I find men "disgusting", besides other factors such as culture. I assumed people would understand what I meant with "disgusting", but having to explain would require a bit of work, so I won't bother with it and just simply say there are features that are quite common, a bit too common in people, that although there will always be exceptions to everything that ever existed, that those features are what I find less than "delightful".

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    • My point is you are generalising. "Men are" implying all men, even if you don't mean it. "SPECIALLY when it comes to women". implying womens sexsuality is more in the brain than men's, which is false.
      "most men are driven by their "instincts", implying women are not, again false.

      I know the difference between men and women, but they are not what you describe, even though I know what you mean.

      You are talking men are from mars and women are from venus. But the difference are both in the instincts and how to brain works, not how much the brain works or use of instinct or not.

    • I'm going to ditto my first paragraph again and continue from there.

      You pasted "Men are" but not the "most" that came before it, which then you contradict yourself afterwards with the whole instincts argument of yours, which in turn has no base since it doesn't imply women are not sexually aroused through such means, but you prefer to see my words as so. "Specially" was used in the sense that women are typically more prone.

      I hardly described anything, and even when I did, the descriptions were vague.
      If you understand the differences than why bother discussing this? What is the point of antagonizing someone through such misinterpretation when you have no insight when it comes to character or a person's aim?
      You are bothersome and arrogant. Please, stop replying.