Why are men way more sensitive than women?

I met this guy. We had good chemistry. Lately, I notice he was distancing himself and asking me questions about my past. I was honest and one of the questions he asked if I knew this one particular individual and again I was honest and little did I know they were good friends. He will not make mejia gut friend because of that. He says he miss me and is miserable but mentally he can not cope with that. The other guy is mad as well in which I cannot understand because we were never boyfriend and girlfriend. He gave the other guy the impression we was dating and we are not. I just don't get it. I was honest and I DJ's not know. Are we in highschool? I am being punish for something I did in my past.


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  • its pretty clear that they're both out of line. The guy you're dating is getting way too defensive about your friend and the friend has no place being upset in the first place. The reason the guy you're dating is upset is probably because he's insecure, you should try and reassure him that he's the one you truly like, if a relationship is was you're trying to accomplish.

    • I have and it is not working, I really like him but do not want to come off as desperate. He really cares about his friend opinion and I feel like they have some sort of competition going. I even went up to the friend and ask him why he would do that and he was even more upset and walked away. I told him I cared about the other guy and if I knew, I would not have done it. I was like you never made me a girlfriend and this guy want to, so why are you mad?

    • I think the easiest way out is to side 100% with your "boyfriend" so he knows things are serious. this will likely result in you losing your friendship with the other guy, at least temporarily, but he's not giving you many options. If he's only choosing now to act on his feelings then he's probably just jealous that you're giving your attention to someone other than him

  • He's doing the right thing, he's not throwing himself into a toxic relationship. Be happy he isn't wasting either of your time.

    He has his preferences and he's finding them out early


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