Why is he still trying? And what does he want?

We dated 4 years ago but never became offical because I didn't know what I wanted so broke it off. we didn't talk for 2 years but he started talking to me again and we went on a date and began hooking up last summer. but i just got out of a relationship so didn't want to rush back in. he then told me he was moving and told me likes me and always have. i saw him a month ago and he tried to kiss me several times when he was drunk and i said we should stay friends because it would be too hard for me to hookup with him because i do have feelings for him. he's home now for a few days and I've seen him twice. he keeps playfully hitting me and i catch him starring at me. But then he talks about hooking up with other girls infront of me.. he also always asks me "do you love me" or love me and i brush it off. he also brought up marrying me a few times. but we never actual had a real relationship. so confused. why is he trying still eventhough he's gone.

how do i get him to have more intense feelings for me?
why does he still try even though i turn him down


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  • Acctually he alredy is shwoing some intence signs and feeligns for you.

    He clearly wants to be with you, this is evedent by him getting back in contact, him teling you directly that he likes you, him playfully hitting you is his way of trying to get closerand have some form of physical contact, in its on way thats quite and intense thing, he is subcontiously sending the message that he wants to feel you close to him, id hassard a guess and say he was very big on hugd and cuddles and keeping you close.

    He is trying to use the old "make her jelous" tequnique by mentioning other girls and seeing if he will get a "rise" out of you to indicatte any signes of jelousy on your part, thus indicating you like him aswell, a common misconception guys often use that does normaly does nothing but piss off the girl and confuse the situation evne more.

    Advice, depending on what you want to happen, confrout him have a heart to heart, ask about his feelings what he wants e. t. c and then let him know where you stand and what you want, be straight up front and honest.


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