Can he hook up with me even though he has feelings and not get more feelings?

I know he likes me because he told me he likes me and always has. and he tried to kiss me all the time and flirts with me. i like him too but the only problem is he moved away and its really hard for me. i know if i give into him i will get more intense feelings. if i did give in would he get more feelings or can he hook up with me eventhough he has feelings for me and nothing change for him? Do you think it would give him more intense feelings if we did hookup or would it just be like sex with anyone else.

what can i do to him to have those intense feelings for me back and will me telling him how i feel make him feel more towards me?


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  • If he is genuinly in to you, then every time you two are together his feelings for you and yours for his will grow, that is a fundimental part of human nature, while it may not be obious or evident, his feelings for you should grow every time you are together no matter what your doing.

    if not then he isn't really in to you and for your own sake you need to move on and find some one that will be.


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