Whats with this chick playing the victim card all the time?

Girl i was seeing asked me out to the bar to hang with her and her friends. So i go and chill for a bit. there was a small blemish on her nose and i teased her about how she's been tanning too much. I didn't think much of it, since i always tease her about it and her mom says the same thing. Next she walks off and doesn't come back, i basically sat at the bar by myself for 45 mins and watched her flirt and sit down at different bar tables and talk to her friends. I got up and walked out right after, she didn't text or call to see where i went.

I text her 2 days later about what her deal was on that night and she sends me a mega long text, Stating how i smeared her makeup on her nose in front of her friend and pointed out a zit right away, bypassing what i actually said about tanning habits. then she said i "came onto the dance floor, tried to dance with her and shook my hands "no" at her... Then she starts going in circles in her text, "i know you're a really nice guy and sarcastic, but not a dick", "I just dont like your sarcasm, and i'm turned off by it now, sorry, maybe the next girl you'll treat better". I was like where the f*** is my apology for bailing on me and going and flirting with other guys right in front of me?

just for shits and giggles i text back "Are you mad bro?" she texts back that she's "very annoyed by my sarcasm hahaha"

After that i sent one more text saying, if you're telling me i'm a nice guy, but not a dick, why take it personal when we joke about it all the time. You need to communicate your issues like a grownup and not walk off. i left it with, If i was someones friend and seeing them, you think i would walk off, flirt, sit at a different bar, leave them alone at the bar to sit there for 30 mins awkwardly with no intentions of coming back?

Whats with her always playing the victim card? not even saying anything about leaving me alone at all. I've never been that uncomfortable at a bar before in my life.


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  • She finds the shit you do annoying, thats all. She took the piss by leaving you at the bar, but since she was so offended, she probably felt you deserved it.
    Look how when she was even telling you why she was annoyed, you still texted back something stupid instead of understanding why you're annoying and then getting to talking about your grievances.
    If a guy did that shit to me, and even when we were talking about it he's being dumb, I'd probably leave him in a bar to.
    She's just not that into you tbh, but you'll find a girl who loves your silly jokey personality.
    If you always annoy her with the jokes, she could of really told you a while ago, instead of leaving you in a bar, but hey, that's people for ya, just suck it up and realise she found your shit very annoying. Some people love that personality, some people get frustrated by it.

    • felt i deserved it by bailing, flirting, and effectively leaving me alone because of something we always tease each other about? the only thing that annoys her about me is my sarcasm? there's gotta be another issue. I would have thought she would have said something and communicated it hurt her feelings. She's just as sarcastic and flirty as i am, so i dont know... This is a chick that said she talked about her ex-boyfriends small penis all the time and joked about it with all her friends, so you really think a small comment like that could make her do that? But the whole annoyed thing, she's told me many times that she gets annoyed by a lot of guys, so maybe i'm just another statistic.

      For the amount of sarcastic crap i got from her, it was all joking, not a big deal. I got the impression that because it was in front of her friend, it wasn't cool... she has to be perfect or something.

      Seems like

    • You say, you'd do the same thing, why? what does that prove in your mind, i really want a perspective on why you'd walk off/flirt and such and not actually call me out for hurting your feelings and getting an apology?

    • Maybe not flirt, but leave you alone if you offended her definitely. You can't even take it seriously when she tells you about it, you still make stupid jokes. And no, I don't think many people like being teased in front of their friends.
      Why would I bother calling you out on it, you've already shown your not the type to just be stupid about it when I tell you. Guys always say a girl should tell them what they don't like, then many get offended, act dumb, or make stupid jokes when you do tell them. Like you.

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  • Bottom line, these stupid games she plays and you join in on are not going to work for a long term relationship. if you can't even joke around with her without her taking offense then she is not the right girl for you. It's clearly in your personality to be a shit disturber so you need to find someone who is able to take it on stride. Move on, don't bother with her childish bullshit :)
    Good luck!


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  • Dude. Don't tease girls about their zits. You could say a million nice things about her looks, but a girl will always remember the one thing you said that was bad, even if you meant it as a joke. They are insecure about their looks, even if it's something totally minor and irrelevant.

    • i did, i was a gentlman like you said. good mornings, good nights, how was your day, lots of compliments all the time. If it was that offensive, i would have thought she would have said something, and i would have apologized right away.

  • Don't take it personally girls play the victim card in general. Men are told to own up to their mistakes and more, also known as "man up", while girls have been coddled their whole lives.

    • i called her out on canceling on a date due to a hangover when it was setup 4 days in advance, she cried wolf there too.

  • Some women have been the victims all their life. They don't have any other cards to play.

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