No call after drunk text?

Met a guy he called, we hung out. But made mistake of texting while after a very bad day and few drinks. I think i gave him the wrong impression & was pushy. haven't heard from him in a week and really dont know if i can fix this. This is the first guy in over a year have been interested in. Can i say anything to fix this


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  • Whatever you do, just don't text him "Hey :))" or "Hi" or "What's up? :)))" - I immediately delete these messages as they provide me no starting point and feel fake.

    If you do contact him, tell him what you feel (maybe dial it back a bit so you don't seem clingy ;)), and hope for the best. If he doesn't contact you back then he's not interested and you can't change that, move on.

    • thanks

    • any help on what to say so i dont over do it

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  • Just text him to explain the situation, ending with: "hope I didn't give you a wrong impression of me :) would love to hear from you again" and then see if and what he replies.

    • Yes this.

    • any ideas on how to start it

    • I don't know exactly what happened, just start with what you feel somewhat sorry for. I don't know if it's what you said in that text that bugs you or something. Just mention what you feel bad about and then put the rest of my post after it. That's what I would do. Or just: "hey, sorry about *that night* hope I didn't give you a wrong impression of me... and so on.