I'm at a lost with the dating world?

I'm 18 and first off I'd like to say that is not a rage/jealously thread but it's something I actually am curious and confused about.

I've never had a girlfriend, but only because I didn't want to (I'm quite modest, I know). I have had some coffee dates especially with older girls (only 1 or 2 years gap) and I remember sitting with them, talking about our passions, hobbies, talking about travelling, backpacking, etc. Even if we were in a group, everyone would engage and tell jokes and share their dreams. It would be awesome.

Most of those girls went to college and I lost touch with them. Now I'm with a group of guys and girls my age AND IT'S SO FREAKING BORING I'M ABOUT TO RUN OFF THIS GODDAMN TOWN. For real. I can literally type here the last conversation we all (5 freaking people) had on the coffee today (fictional names:

"Hey. Have you heard about James? He broke up with Julia"
(5 minute break)
"Let's eat dinner at my house"
"Do you have wine?"
(15 minute silence)

You get the point. If I ask someone what they are passionate about, they either don't have passions, or they don't know what being passionate is.
"Hey weren't you learning how to play guitar?"
"Hell yea bro. How many hours a day?"
"10-15 minutes"
"Why not more?"
"My fingers start having blisters and look hideous"
Argh -.-

Now can someone explain how a girl from this group can fall in love with a guy from this same group? I'm not hating on anyone and I'm not jealous, but I'm really curious. How can you actually love someone who has nothing going through them besides hanging out? Is it actually possible?


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  • well, we all have our different expectations and things we like, so if they are all like this, then naturally they will be attracted to each other.


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  • I used to feel the same way. Find a different group. Walk up to people who are doing something you're interested in, and say hi. People are a lot friendlier than you'd think.


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