Help me be less insecure!!!?

I've been in a semi-long distance relationship for 3 1/2 years. My boyfriend moves 2 hrs away for work. In that time I managed to start HATING his job. I felt like he was choosing it over me. He never would give me a timeframe for moving back. Other than my insecurities over his job, our relationship is wonderful. We are always honest and have a ton of fun. Last year, he asked me to marry him. And now he has moved back, commuting to and from work for the next few months. However, his job still sets off triggers for me and makes me act SO INSECURE!!! I don't even have a valid reason. I have my own life and interests, but every time his job is mentioned or I see pics on FB of everyone out to lunch, I go a little psycho. Not yelling and screaming, just grumpy. I need advice and please don't say to just get over it... I've tried. I try focusing on his dedication to driving back and forth and his patience with me. But even if I can hide my feelings from him, I'm tired of feeling shitty on the inside.


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  • You remind me of my mother. My dad drove 2 hours back and forth to work, sometimes double shifts, sometimes a 12hr, then sleep in his truck for 3-4 hours, then another 10hr, then drive home. She would pick fights with him all the time for nothing. He wasn't there enough-as if he had a choice. My mom was the typical, "It's never enough," never satisfied no matter what he did. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my mother and my father and they never really fought over money or anything like that. She just had to lay into him all the time, as soon as he got home too.

    Long story short, my father died of cancer when he was 45 and mother at 55. Stress is the real killer in this world. My parents loved each other dearly, wish my mother could've just been happy with herself and what she had.

    Don't stress it girl, he loves you and it sounds like he's doing what he can. Maybe a closer to home occupation sometime sooner than later for him though.


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