Met a girl online, had a great time, when should I call/text her again?

So I started talking to a girl on an online dating site awhile back. We really hit it off so we eventually met up on Saturday for coffee. We ended up talking for about 3 hours without any awkward silences so I guess that's a fairly decent sign for two people who just met in person.

Anyways I like her, and I think she likes me (?), so I was just wondering how long should I wait to contact her again? Obviously didn't want it to be too soon, but I don't want to leave it too late either


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  • If I was in this situation id probably like the guy to get in contact a couple of days later. If it was any longer id be thinking he wasn't interested or didn't really enjoy my company. Especially if you hit it off so well initially

    • The problem now (if you're still interested) is that I did text her on Monday evening. I eventually got a response at 10am on Tuesday but I couldn't respond until after work. I responded and now nothing. Not sure if our phones/network is crap or if she's just fading out

    • May just be bad timing with the messages coming through. I'm like this with a guy I'm texting now but it's mainly as I say to do with timing. Just keep at it, she also might not want to come off too strong or seem desperate. You'll soon figure out if she's fading out :)

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