After the first date, how long should I wait to realize if he's interested?

I texted with a guy for two weeks consistently. Very much into eachother through conversation. We met after two weeks for drinks, we talked and laughed all night-conversation was great. After 4 hours, he said we should probably get going before I drink too much and can't drive home. He walked me to my car, gave me a hug and said we should do it again. I told him to let me know when he got home. He text and said I'm home, I had a great time, thanks so much for meeting up with me and then went back and forth joking about something we laughed about in the night and told me again he had a great time and that wanted to stay but didn't want to drink too much. Soooo, I said we should do it again and he agreed. Never heard from him the day after the date (odd, considering we text alot) So I text him Sunday, and he chatted back as normal asking how my day was and how I am. Is he playing cool? Does he seem interested and I am just over thinking?

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  • Not all guys are the same. The only thing you should do is find out why you never heard from him after the date. Once you know why, then I think the answer to your question will be easy.
    Guys usually don't go on a date if they don't already like someone, so if he gives you a good explanation for not talking and he starts talking to you a lot again, then chances are he likes you. If he doesn't, on the other hand, he might have changed his mind or something. Personally I never understood people who try to "play it cool".
    Good luck. :)

    • I mean he texted me a half hour after the date and was very chatty and only skipped texting me one day in between and was chatty last night... waiting to hear today if not I guess maybe not interested?

    • If he didn't message you for only one day then things might be okay. It's kinda risky but.. maybe you should ask him for another date, if you feel like it. His answer will determine whether he likes you or not (although it's not a final answer). Personally I think he's interested in you, but what I think isn't fact unfortunately.

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  • All that chat about next time is just politeness. If he was. Interested he wouldn't talk that much.


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  • I think he would have asked if he wanted to see you