What should I do?

This guy I dated for 11 months said he just wanted to be friends for now because were young and he wants to get out and see the world...he said not other girls just out with his buddies and stuff... So we have for like 2 months now and far as I know there's not another girl because he still texts me all the time and calls me every night and tells me he loves me...

I still love him more then nothing ! But I don't know what to do anymore...I asked him a while ago if he thought we were gonna date again and he said yea...so i asked again yesterday and he said yea !

What do I do ... its been 2 months and I thought I was okay with being just friends but I don't know if I can handle it anymore... I do still love him and I wanna wait and go back out with him...Do you think I should still wait?

The 1st few days I was heart broken and then I was okay with it and we recently had our county fair and we hung out every night and I was thinking he was gonna ask me back out then but he never did...? Do you think he will? I thought he was going to a few times and lately he's been being super sweet telling me how much he loves me...But still he hasn't asked me back out?



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  • My opinion, this guy likes keeping one foot in the door, one foot out. He wants to be committed without the commitment. As to what you should do about that is entirely up to you. How long do you want to put up with these silly games?

    You're still pretty young so you have time to kill if you want to wait, but don't feel heart broken if your Romeo has commitment-phobia.

  • He cares about you a lot obviously but he isn't ready to commit because that would mean that (he thinks) he would marry you which can scare lot of guys at a young age. He loves you but doesn't want to be tied down, so he doesn't ask you because he isn't ready for that and he doesn't want to hurt you again.

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