Long time, no date with anyone... now I have date!

Okay, I'm 40 years single mother. I haven been divorced about 10 years. Since divorce without any child support (long story cut short) I've been work really hard to get this position at company.

And my child is grown and I have free time to meet someone.

Now.. I haven't have date for a while and not sure what to do.

I met this guy on line date service and we had 3 times date so far. We both said like each other.

He text me everyday just say Hi or a little note. I sent back to him too.

Can I just send text or give him a call when I feel like? or one time a day is enough?

He has a little boy and take care of the boy 50/50 with his ex.

I know how hard to take care of little one so, I really do not want to text or call when the boy is with him.

But again, I like him and would like to build relationship with him.

Is there what to do or not to do?

I really cannot remember how to keep in touch during not see each other.

We talk lots when we see each other and I didn't think anything wrong but when I do not see him, not sure what is going on or what to do. I mean, I do have lots of things to do so, not waiting around his call or anything.

Or how do you set up next date?

Ask him a few days before or wait for him to ask me or?

Someone give me a hand please..


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  • As much as we all dislike it, dating is a game and has rules that need to be followed. First of all be yourself, do not be someone that you are not just because you like this guy. Also try not to over think things to much, relax and have fun. If dating is stressing you out that is no good. As far as this guy goes, the previous anonymous user is correct that you need to take it easy and do not rush things. It is very easy to get caught up in the moment and get carried away when things are new and exciting. If I were you I would live in the moment and try not to look to far down the road. Do not look at this guy as someone that you might marry but someone that you can have fun with now. Keep your options open for now, do not put all of you eggs in one basket until you know that that basket is safe. Good luck.

    • Thanks! I just would like to have relationship, yes take a while to create relationship though. Just curious question, if guys talk about sex, is this red flag? We slept together which I was okay. I believe physical relationship important to me. I like him but not into him yet though. I usually take time to figure out even slept or not slept together. I guess my fault I slept him already but he talked about sex via text... it was not comfortable... seems like guys likes talk about it?

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  • At such an early stage and on 3 dates one or two messages a day is plenty. Show him that you are interested but down crowd him and come across as desperate or needy as that will turn him off.

    I think that one or 2 txts a day is plenty and see where it goes from there. If he starts a conversation with you via txt then do reply but otherwise leave it a 1 or 2 so he knows that you are thinking about him.

    I would give it another couple of dates before you start calling him as I feel that it would be too soon and that is something which you do when you are in a more serious stage.

    Also make sure you are not the one who always calls or txts first. If he does not seem to inatate contact sometimes then that is not a good sign and shows that he may not be as interested.