Advice: I can't understand what this girl I'm dating wants out of our situation a relationship or less?

I've been dating this girl for the past month or so and we agreed to not put a label on things for now. We hang out on the weekends and some days on the weekday and are sexually involved and do things like boyfriend girlfriend when we are out.. My question is I can't really understand where she is coming from when she tells me I don't need to wait on her and I can go out and talk or have sex with other women, I told her I have no interest in doing anything like that and she says she's glad cause she doesn't like the idea of me having sex with another girl.. When we are out her friends say I'm a keeper and have asked if were together I say we don't label it but if guys comes up to her and talk to her she tells them I'm her boyfriend and all that and she seems to get jealous when her girlfriends come up and talk to me and like touch me or hug me.. She says she likes me a lot and wants me to meet her family but it's confusing when she says I can talk and do whatever I want even though I've consistently told her when she says it I'm only focused on her.. She'll always ask if I'm mad if a guy comes up and kinda made a big deal thinking I was mad because some guys were talking to her. She has been through a few bad relationships before which is why she doesn't feel like committing right now plus she is moving away to a college 2 hours away and wants me to come visit on the weekends even offered me to stay with her I recently brought up the question of wondering if we were together or not and she says the same she really likes me so much but when she would go to college "she isn't sure she would stay faithful or I would" her saying she wouldn't is kinda like... Yeah sorry the ramble and definetely appreciate the replies am I over thinking this or am I kinda rightly confused?


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  • Maybe she is afraid to commit. Just give it time and try to talk to her about it.

    • She hasn't responded to my text in 2 days now after sleeping at her house and meeting her mom for the first time I know she sleeps in a lot would you call it normal and I should try calling her tomorrow?

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    • Should I give it a few days or try tomorrow?

    • yeah i would give it a day or two

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