How do I get him back and interested?

I think I pushed away a potentially good and decent guy by making a huge dating mistake. I think I texted him too much and maybe came off a little clingy. =( I just realized it today. I really like him a lot and he told me that he likes me too but i think that maybe I came on a little too hard. I don't want him to run away. How do I get him to stay interested? Should I pull back?


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  • As efawe said, pull back a bit and let him miss you - but don't pull so far back that he completely drops you from his thoughts. It's a very fine balance.

  • Just pull away take like 3/4 of a week off from texting him, it will seem to offset the high frequency of texts. (this might also be a little risky and back fire)

    A more straight forward way is to say that you were "a little too excited about it and say that you know texted a little too much." It is better to say this in person or as a voicemail.
    Being clingy is texting a lot and having that as your normal text level. if you know that you text a lot then just say it. Guys are really chill about it.


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