What do I do? Did I lose a best guy friend or can our relationship be salvaged?

I liked a guy in the fall and I told him. He told me he just wanted to be friends for now because he wasn't over his ex. I got over him and we became super close. Anyway jump to late April and he asked if I wanted to go on a date and I was confused and at that time because I was graduating from college in May. I told him that I was moving soon across the country for a new job. I thought he was just wanting to see what I would say. Then in May right before graduation he told me he had always loved me but didn't realize it in the fall because he wasn't over his ex. He told me he wanted to tell me before I left and that I should move on without him and hopefully we will end up together in the future. We ended up making out and he slept over but had to leave early in the morning for a final. I tried texting him a few times after that but he never responded so I stopped. It has been two months without contact. I miss him! Does he/did he like me? What do I do?


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  • Well the only thing you can do safetly is just leave him a voicemail saying that you want to talk to him again, like coffee or something.

    I mean he probably is halting communication because you are farther away and knows that nothing good will come from a long distance relationship so he has tried to move on, which might mean zero contact.


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