I love him but I don't think I want to be in a relationship at the moment?

In the past several weeks I have dated a guy and have since gotten into a relationship with him.

I have fallen so in love with him and I adore everything about him. He is everything I could ever want, and I know he loves me back.

The thing is, is that I actually don't think I'm ready to be in such a serious relationship, I kinda feel like I need to be selfish because from the ages of 14-18 (now 19) I've always been in a long term relationship...
I want to be with him but I know I can't have both him and freedom..

What should I do?


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  • The answer that should be said:
    Follow you're heart.

    My answer:
    If you, think this'll last and I mean you want this to be permanent. Don't hold back because of you're past relationships. Just enjoy this new one and make the most of it. If you feel you don't want too. Don't lead him on. You're only making things worst on both of you.


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