Girls or guys, I need your advice or I'm gonna lose my freaking mind!?

So I've been "dating" this guy for a while, not sure if its actually "dating" though but annnways. He calls me his friend and says that he feels like he's known me forever and talks about how cute sweet and funny I am. *confused*
We hung out at his house this week and made out like fucking crazy! We had kissed before but this time it was pretty darn intense. Lol so I spent the night there and we cuddled and everything.

Yesterday he told me how he doesn't deserve me and how I'm too good for him and how he still has a broken heart from his last relationship. But he said hell try to fix it all up to be better for me. Sounds cool right?

I was talking to him on the phone just a few minutes ago and the jerks talking about how he got hit on at the pool today by these girls. Awkward!!! So I just hung up and here I am now. I'm wondering should I still pursue this guy or am I wasting my time on this confusing dude..


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  • Ignore the hateful comments. I think this guy is just letting you know that he's the shit. He's sort of in a way warning you that there are others that are attracted to him. I think all he is doing is trying to rile you up to get you to be his girl. But you must show him more that you want him. The games are over.

    Don't over react. It's fine. Take a breather and talk to him about it. Talking things out is the best way. And if you show emotion, try to control yourself. Don't be weak about it. Be firm. Let him know that you are seriously interested in him.


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  • Answer something for me, did he flirt back with these girls? Is this a regular thing?

    From what your telling us now, He could just be telling you what happened today, that doesn't make him a jerk. Would you tell him if a guy hit on you?

    I could be completely off base here but from my point of view, your overreacting a bit.


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  • First of all he is an inconsiderate ass. However, if you really like him, that's fine no judgment. If you want to continue the relationship without putting your heart through the ringer, you need to make it clear to him that he needs to make up his mind. You are not one of the guys he can talk about "hot chicks" with. he knows you like him but make sure he knows you are more than just an fwb. If he can't accept that then stop pursuing him. if he is cool with it just remember that he has the potential to be an inconsiderate ass so when he messes up tell him about it then move forward. Humans aren't perfect, sometime we just need to be told exactly how we screwed up and how to fix it.

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