My ex mama tried to get me and him to fight in court, what would you say to her?

my ex and i are pretty much back together his mama hates my guts so she forever tried to get me arrested. she forced him to file documents against me because it wasn't getting done on his own and he was repeatedly dropping it. today i came to court and she was there with him. he had to pick her up. she tried to get him to fight me. he repeatedly lies to her to get her out of his business because she wants to be everywhere important with him. i went in court today and she started laughinf and bumped him in the shoulder and said to him" look who's here" and she giggled. she was saying stuff to provoke an argument between us and a phsyical fight. she told him "dont do it dont do it thats what she want you to do" see she got somebody on her side thats what it is we got somebody on ours to! i haven't even said hello yet. its too much of what she wants. she basically wanna control everything. im not fucking her fucking him. im thinking of a lawyer. she pushing this situation to far.


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  • If you want to be seen as the better person, you don't acknowledge her at all.


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