Friend Zone Question?

I hear a lot of comments from guys about how much it sucks to be friend zoned. Not so much from girls though.
Cause I'm sure it happens to girls too, so why do they not complain about it?
Is it just that girls value their friendships more than guys do? Or do girls just not get friend zoned?
Opinions please!


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  • Girls generally don't get friend zoned. And here's why: First, girls are savvy enough to not friend zone themselves. They find a guy doesn't like them, they don't keep hanging on because there's almost always another guy waiting in the wings.

    Second, imagine this: I meet you and want to date you. I'm too scared to admit it, so I hang out with you. You aren't attracted to me romantically and will never be attracted to me. I take any crumb of affection you give me, so next thing you know I'm the shoe store holding your purse while you shop. I'm firmly in the friend zone.

    Alternatively, I meet you and you really want to date me. I think you're attractive, but not really someone I want to date. But I'll still fuck you. Alternatively, if I don't find you attractive, I probably won't spend much time invested in you. I won't invite you over to hang out and watch movies with me... but then would still fuck you if I had a buzz and was horny.

    • dude i was best friend zoned and he ended up liking my best friend, she didn't like him but she kept leading him on, ugh girls right?

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    • They like you as a friend, but they also would fuck you. Just accept it as it is.

      And again, the 'friend zone' thing that guys complain about is their own invention. A smart guy NEVER gets friend zoned. If I ask you out and you tell me that you don't want to date me, I'm moving on. I'm not holding your purse or watching steel magnolias with you because your "asshole" boyfriend cheated on you for the third time.

    • That's a relief. You're awesome, and guys should be like you.

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  • They do get friendzoned, and believe me, they get friendzoned a lot than the guys. And the only problem here being is that almost all girls are very reserved about their feelings and won't reveal them to even their most trusted person sometimes.. while guys... let's just say that some of them are not capable of handling rejection and prefer to cry to everyone with a loudspeaker in hand rather than doing something about it.

  • I think that a girl has more to gain from a friendship with a guy than a guy has to gain from a friendship with a girl, it's kinda one sided because it's obvious that girls for what ever reason gets something from being friends with a guy that they don't get from being friends with a girl. Guys can be just friends with guys and be perfectly happy (I might be mostly speaking for myself) While guys might bitch and complain about being "friend zoned" Girls will get extremely upset if a guy they are friends with cuts off the friendship OR if a guy says that they don't have much interest in having close friendships with girls :p


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  • I think men have been raised with a sense of entitlement to women, while women have been raised knowing that the their future depends on a man pursuing them and that they don't get to choose. Also guys that do this are babies.