Ladies - what do you think about being approached at the mall?

I just got out of college and work full-time. On my days off, I enjoy going to the mall sometimes to clear my head and organize my thoughts. I often like to dress nice (business casual), because sometimes some people start conversations with me for dressing nice XD.

There are a few women I already like when I go to the mall:

-There is this girl who works at my favorite clothing store. I see her walking around sometimes stocking the shelves.

-I sometimes go to the food court and notice pretty women sitting alone and just eating, texting or making phone calls.

-I also see this really pretty girl working at a purse booth in the center of the mall. Whenever I pass by her though, I feel like she isn't interested in talking to guys (when I look at her, she kinda has the stone cold face, not interested in talking).

Anyway... how would you women feel about being approached in any of these situations? Whether you are working at the mall or just there to eat or shop. Would that bother you at all?


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  • So I worked at the mall for almost 7 years and I was constantly hit on while working or on break. It's flattering but don't go over board. I tried turning these guys down and they would insist so if humor and take number then toss in the trash. But that's not to say all girls are like me I just wasn't interested. But the one guy I didn't mind hitting on me was this other guy that worked at a&f he was super friendly and talked to me on all my breaks and he didn't pursue me like the other guys did. So I guess just be friendly and make sure you have common interest before you like break out the number game. Haha

    • sometimes girls like to get pursued, sometimes don't? what is it about?

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  • Do any of these girls know who you are? If not I would start by saying " Hi! how are you?" move right along after that. Building up from there, if you visit certain stores often maybe ask for a specific girl you like maybe word will get to her you asked about her. When you feel like she may be into you... make your move! best of luck!

  • While the girl is working (the clothing store, etc), you would not be able to talk to her, as her manager would always be around to monitor her staff. Unless you go to your favorite store to buy clothes and ask her for help... you could start a convo.

    If the girl at the booth is making a stone cold face and looks not interested... means she is probably really not interested.

    The food court could be a nice place, because people there are more relaxed.
    Good luck!

  • I would love being approached as long as it was done in a respectful manner... especially because I rarely get approached.


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