Does he like me/Is a second date kiss too soon?

We met online about a month ago. He's 26 and I'm 20. We hung out for the first time last weekend and then he came down to visit me just this weekend. Our first date was nice, we walked around for hours and grabbed food. No kiss, I initiated a hug. He texted me saying he had a great time and suggested we hang out again. He drove down (he lives in a different city about an hour away) to come see me and we did the same thing although it was a bit of a fancy place we ate at. We constantly joked about how not knowing what to do/how to act there. He drove me home and we said our goodbyes, we hugged and I decided to give him a quick kiss. Which turned into this weird/interesting, multiple peck kiss that lasted a few seconds. I wasn't sure if he was into it, although he did smile after.. but I'm nervous/feel weird to ask if i did that too soon. Anyways, I'm planning on seeing him in a couple of days again. What should I do? I don't want to be constantly initiating everything. He seems a bit shy, but I could be misreading signs. I feel he likes me, but am not sure.

Overall some signs to think he does:
- he glances at my lips a lot when we talk.
- laughs at my terrible jokes that are not funny.
- Actually we both like to make awkward jokes.
- our knees/legs always are touching when we are either sitting beside or in front of each other.
- he texts me at least once every day or two, quite a few smilies.

What would you do?


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  • It sounds like to me he likes you because he wouldn't waste the hour to see you for nothing if he wasn't interested. Kissing after dates is always a judgement and mood thing. I always felt the mood and the vibe had to be right. If you feel comfortable doing it the next day then go for it. Maybe he wasn't expecting it but he seemed to enjoy it which is good. If it was me I would kiss a girl the next date if she let me. I think he enjoys if he is putting in effort to see you and also you guys ate at a fancy place and not a lot of guys would do things like that.


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  • whoaa.. you sound like the girl I just met recently too... and in Canada too. Except she/I haven't kissed her yet and we only had 2 dates so far. 3rd one in probably 2 weeks coming up.

    I wish she would kiss me so I know it's okay with her.


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  • He likes you.

    You can ask for a second date and a kiss because him staring at your lips mean he likes you. My ex did that a lot. He even told me what it meant.

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