How to reconnect with a girl who has stopped talking with for 2 months?

So my last friends with benefits ended kind of abruptly, it was over text and i told her we should take time apart from one another. its been 2 months. We go to the same school so I know id see her again eventually. I really want to patch things up with her, at least so it doesn't get awkward to see her. ultimately find resolution. she's studying at a different school this fall semester, but mentioned she might come up to hang out with me, when we were still seeing each other. But spring semester she will return, and it will also be my last semester before graduating at well. I plan on going into the military right after so i would hate to leave any unfinished business. So how would i reconnect with her? text? if so then what should i say to start off?


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  • It may feel unfinished and awkward but you don't have to let it come off that way... Start with a simple "Hey." and there is a good chance she will respond. You can move into casual conversation about how school is starting... time flying and etc. Then from there you can move into the conversation about the past. Maybe tell her that you miss her. Apologize for how the relationship ended and explain how you want to have closure.

    I am sure that it will all work out. You both were at one point sexually and some what emotionally invested in one another... I am sure she cares, at least a little.


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