I keep getting cockblocked at work by other men? What should I do?

I'm currently doing an internship and there's this other girl my age at a different department who's also doing the same. I only get to see her when we go out at lunch as a group of people with other colleagues.

The problem I have is that every time I try to strike up a conversation with her during these lunch trips I'm always interrupted by these other work colleagues who try to weasel their way in with her.

I'm naturally shy so I don't bother or have the confidence at trying to compete with these older more confident guys (who by the way some of which are married).

This also happens at bars when I'm talking to a girl and then suddenly another guy would just walk in and take the limelight away.

Please help.


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  • Grow some balls man! Sometimes you have to just step up and try anyways or you'll never get anywhere!


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