So I randomly meet this girl became attracted to her and though she was interested but she has a bf so now not sure?

I don't know her that well and saw her twice this summer at this local bar and each time I was really attracted to her and though she might of been interested. the first time I saw her nothing much happened but our last encounter we actually talked well I talked to her one gf for a fair bit and getting to know her and all 3 of us were going to get a drink together until 2 other gf's interrupted us. and I saw her a bunch of other times during the night she seemed to be around and looking very sexy. I don't honestly think she wanted to do anything physical with me that night but felt she was attracted to me. but I see online she has a bf , he wasn't at bar obvivously and its more of a party bar than place to pick someone up so just cause she was there with friends doesn't mean she was trying to meet anyone else.

anyways I'm just frustrated cause I'm really attracted to her and though she might be as well but don't see things going anywhere and she goes to a college a few hours away in fall as well.


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  • She is not into you. She has a boyfriend. Be mature about this and move on.


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