Is my boyfriend ashamed or just scared to tell his parents about me?

I just started dating this guy. We talked for a bit and things progressed quickly. i really like him. Its long distance. He asked me out and i of course said yes but i'm just a tiny bit suspicious. He asked me to change my relationship status on Facebook but he won't change his yet because he thinks his parents will think he got hacked again and he isn't really ready to tell his parents. i know we just started dating but is this a red flag or? He liked my 'in a relationship' status then unliked it like he didn't want anyone on his Facebook to know he liked it. and his status is still single. What do you guys think? Am i being paranoid?


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  • RED FLAG! He asked you out he shouldn't be ashamed of it. Ask him why he can't change it and how it makes you feel. If he doesn't leave him there's no point

  • Sweetie i wouldn't worry. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now and he just changed his relationship status yesterday haha. And he might just be nervous about how his parents will take him being in a long distance relationship. It's a normal thing

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