Its time to start saving for a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. What's a good amount to spend and any ideas on what guys would love for Christmas?

Last year he got beats headphones and a new ipod. football game tickets for him and his best friend and dinner at his favorite restaurant... follow by a lotta fun ;-). This year I am not sure what to do.


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  • Well yeah it all depends on what he likes and how your relationship with him is. Did you get him all those things, or you're listing what he got from everyone?

    • I got that all for him. I am not sure if anyone else got him anything.

    • Wow, I hope he's giving you stuff too! Lol get him a nice jersey from his favorite team, a personalized one or his favorite player if you know it. Do what you normally do, I don't know if he prefers material or emotional, whatever your relationship is like go with that. Hope this helps

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  • If you were to put him under any personal category (sports guy, video game geek etc.) what is he?

    • definitely sports. its all about sports

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