Just started dating a girl but I always have to initiate texts and phone calls?

I met a girl about a month ago and we exchanged numbers. We both realized that we have both into each other for a while and have been texting quite bit since we exchanged numbers. We have only gone on three dates to our work schedules and traveling. Anyway, my question is I always seem to be the one to initiate texts. When I do text we end up talking for a while but then there can be up to a couple days of silence until I initiate another conversation. I know she is into me based on out dates but wanted to know of it's normal for the girl not to start the conversation.


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  • It's normal because sometimes she might have a lot going on! However, she could also be trying to not be super clingy it's not attractive!


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  • she's a whore dump her!!! ok tht was a little forward... kill her..


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  • It's normal if she's the shyer type of girl.


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