He was staring at me more than usual.. Why would he do that if he doesn't like me?

So my sister had a party Friday for her birthday and we all work together so it was kind of a work party.. Anyways my crush came and my friend said he was looking at me a lot more than he usually does I never see him look at me when my friends tell me he looks at me but he doesn't really talk to me anymore he use to talk to me a lot and he told my friend that he might have seen a connection between me and but we never did anything about it because were both really shy! we've know each other for about 4 years now we've hungout as friends he told my friend that he has been talking to me less on purpose but he bought me a drink when he came out for my birthday and he also picked me up the one night when I didn't have a ride but were really awkward around eachother and I wanna talk to him but I don't know if he wants to and my friends see him look at me all the time and I caught him a few times looking at me but he just looks at me with a blank stare that's about it.. He also talks to everyone else at work but not me


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  • maybe u ur ass looked good?


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