Date with the ex? St. Louis?

Recently my ex and I started talking. I will skip all the details of why we broke up and why we are talking again. Just know that I am giving it a lot of thought and not rushing back into anything. My question is what to do or where to go for a date. I am usually the guy all the friends call for advice. This is new territory for me...being the ex. Obviously I love her deeply or I wouldn't be considering going out on a date. I think it should be simple and fun. I also want to be able to just sit and talk for awhile. We have been to a lot of places around town and I don't want to go some where that would make her or me uncomfortable. ex. like where we went on our first date. I live in the St. Louis area. Any suggestions?


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  • Don't live in St. Louis - but why not just dinner - somewhere casual. She's your ex so you surely you know what kind of food she likes and doesn't like. So you can enjoy eating and being able to talk to each other in a very relaxed enviroment. Then if things are going great at that point then have someplace or something in mind that you can do after dinner is over ... if its not working out well you can end the night there.


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