I dated/talked to this guy for 2 months. After a whole year of not talking to each other, he texts me-was thinking of you... What are his intentions?

We dated/talked romantically for 2 months. Within those two months we went on one excellent date, with a passionate kiss, we tried to go on another one as we told Escher we can't wait to see each other again, but living in different cities inhibited us for more dates. Yet we continued to talk on the phone everyday for about two months. We talked about our days, what have planned, making each other laugh etc. it was clear I liked him, and he liked me. But as it came nearer to me leaving for an abroad program, he sort of disappeared, and we did not get to say a proper goodbye. SUDDENLY A YEAR later, and him currently in a relationship (together for about 6 months) texts me saying he was thinking of me today, and hopes that I am doing great... why did he have the nerve to contact me again, does he still have feelings, was he actually only thinking of me that day, or he has been thinking about me for awhile, and had the courage to finally check in on me... I don't like it that he has a girlfriend... but I guess it's harmless? GUYS what Ido you think if you were in this position, and girls what's your input? Do you contact a woman you've had a romantic past with, a YEAR later?

Never had sex, we have only had time to go on one lovely date. We live in different countries.


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  • He wants sex. I think if he truly cared he would try to talk it out instead of sending some bs text. I mean honestly.

    • We never had sex, because we went on one date since we lived in different cities we talked through phone... and now I live in a different country, so he can't be wanting sex... what do you think now?

    • Well. If out were in a relationship for two months' hot even that serious, and he contacts you in over a year. He mus he up to something.

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  • he wants the poon...

    • Nope, we live in different countries, and he knows that, and we never got to have sex while in the same country. What do you think now?

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    • Hahaha, love your consistency, but I 100% know he was not looking for a picture. He was just truly telling me he was thinking of me and wishing I was well... I just don't know why after not talking for a year. Thanks though! Usually your response is true for other situations.

    • he's thinking about it this i know! he's a guy.. we do tht.

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