Soulmate or does this just mean nothing?

I keep having dreams about some guy that I don't know and that I haven't seen before and his face isn't very clear. I feel like I know him like really well though. In the dreams we were really close and had a really good relationship. The dreams feel so real and vivid and it feels like its actually happening. In the dreams I was seeing everything including myself but I could still feel everything. Also I keep getting this weird and confused feeling. I used to have a feeling similar to that but it wasn't as strong as it is now.


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  • This dream is showing you what qualities you find in your animus- your ideal characteristic for a man, it's a good sign that you are close and feel like you know him, it's a positive indicator.


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  • I think it would be worth looking for this guy.
    I mean, what could it hurt?


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