Dating after a divorce and trying to start over after ten years?

Ok so to start off, I married my high school sweetheart fresh out of school, I am now 29 good looking in great shape, and I can sell ice to a Eskimo so for the most part I have no problem talking or approaching girls and I basically have been on a lot of "dates" / "hooking up" the last three years and have a really good idea of the kind of girl I want to be with. I find myself now been divorced for three years and ready to settle back down and get into a long-term relationship, the problem I have is that all my friends are now getting married and doing the family thing like I did years before so there is no meeting someone through a friend. I have tried the whole online dating thing a few just to realize it is a waste of time, money and full of disappointment on multiple levels. I get from a lot of girls online that I look like I am a player or when we do meet "they can't read me" even if I really like them. Curse of a Scorpio I guess lol. My question is outside of the bar scene and online where do I go to meet good girls? I am at a loss and tired of being alone and want to have that emotional connection with a good girl, and have the best of intentions. However I feel I have exhausted all the options due to my work schedule. I'm honest to a fault and the most loyal person. With that being said after what I've been through and my personal soul searching I have high standards and I am unwilling to settle for less than extraordinary.


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  • Your next partner could be anywhere. Gas station, church, store. Wherever. You see a girl you like? Anywhere, doesn't matter, tell her. If she isn't up to your standards then you don't have to keep seeing her. It's okay to have high standards. It's okay for a woman to but not a man? Please.

    • Well at least you actually read the question and understand what I was saying.. Lol. It just seems weird approaching a girl in random spots but I will give that a try. Yeah my standards are not based off of me being "judgemental or baggage" but I was with someone since I was 16 years old. I have two bambino's... The next time around I will do everything to make sure it's the right choice not because of having children. Thanks ;-)

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    • Oh yeah.. I have no problem doing that I'm actually a very confident, alpha male but it seems like today's society if you approach a girl outside of a socialized atmosphere you instantly get CREEPER !!! LOL.. or they think what in the hell is this guy trying to sell. But I will do that, I guess it will throw them off balance as well because they won't expect it like at the bars where every drunk swinging dick is hitting on them.

    • Sorry to hear about your situation, sometimes us guys need to be hit right between the eyes with what our womens needs are. We can sometimes look past things and take things for granted... I hope it works out for you.

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  • I say you are looking too hard ;) If "she" is "the one", and you see her, who-knows-where, then it shouldn't be an odd introduction, it will come easy, or maybe completely on it's own ;)

  • I do not date divorced men. Too much drama

  • I feel like I saw this post a year ago..

    I don't get what the question is

    you are divorced you now have baggage yourself you sound judgmental in my opinion you can't get anybody yet nobody is good enough for you


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