Eye contact: why is she avoiding it? Are girls normally like this?

I'll put my hands around her shoulder and she'll either curl up to me as if I'm keeping her warm or lean her head onto my shoulder as if to say hi. When we talk she just won't look at me. I'll make her laugh, she'll start tugging at her hair or stare at her friends who give her that 'look'.

If she does ever look at me, it is a quick short glance before looking away. Or if I am saying goodbye to her/ everyone when I am heading in another direction. Yet other guys, she is alright which is making me feel odd.

She's shy and not the social media type with endless friends etc. So what is up with her? I'm more use to girls who maintain eye contact.

Whats up?


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  • Some girls such as myself find eye contact awkward and we'll look at you when you aren't looking. It's mainly a confidence thing. If she doesn't feel 150% confident around you, she may not be ready for it


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  • She's too shy to keep an eye contact with you! I myself have no prob looking at everyone else in the eye while talking besides the guy i like. I would look at everything else but his eyes when we talk, and if our eyes meet, i do try to maintain eye contact but i always end up looking away too.


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